Deborah Turner Harris - Books


The Templar Series

The Temple and the Crown cover

Warner Books, 2001


Temple and the Stone cover

Warner Books, 1998



The Caledon Saga

Caledon cover

Ace Books, 1994

The first volume of the Caledon Saga

For decades the last scions of the Dunladry have languished in luxurious exile at the court of the unearthly Feyan, while their homeland has been forced under the heel of a tyrant. Now Duncan, the last heir of the royal house of Caledon, and Mhairi, his sister, have returned to the Highlands to lead the clans in a struggle for freedom. With the wild and courageous chieftain Rorin McRann at their side, they march against a foe, who not only outnumbers their small army, but is prepared to call upon demonic forces to destroy them.

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Far to the south, a small band of young Caledonians must snatch from the enemy's heartland, the greatest treasure of Caledon, stolen many years before. This is the Anchorstone, upon which the kings of Caledon must be crowned if they are to wield the power to save their land. Their journey homeward is fraught with peril, but without this greatest treasure the rebellion will fail and all will be lost forever.

Ultimately it is Mhairi who must answer the call of her blood. Only her extraordinary gifts can bring victory out of defeat and summon to life the ancient legends of Caledon.


Queen of Ashes cover
Ace Books, 1995

Part two of the Caledon Saga

For five years Queen Mhairi has endured a tumultuous monarchy. The lords, hungry for power and personal gain, are divided. But Mhairi has found a new friend amid the turmoil - Lady Mordance, the widow of the lord of Barruist. Confidant, advisor, and ally, Mordance is a welcome light among the petty lords.

But Mordance too seeks power over Caledon, and to further her ends she has made a pact with the inhabitants of the Mists. Caught between rebel lords and Mordance's witchcraft, Mhairi's very soul is in peril.

The dashing chieftain Rorin McRann has returned from abroad, but before he can help his queen, he is betrayed and imprisoned by his own kinsmen. Making his escape with the aid of the renegade Feyan, Lord Charion, he must undertake a terrifying journey into the very heart of the Mists to rescue Mhairi from the fate Mordance has planned for her. It is here he will confront the King of Bones - the dreaded ruler of the Mistlings - in mortal combat, to save all that he holds dear.


City of Exile cover
Ace Books, 1997

The final part of the Caledon Saga

For centuries the royal line of Caledon has been the guardian of the Anchorstone, a mysterious - and dangerous - artifact that commands the terrible power of the Mists. But now Queen Mhairi of Caledon and her nemesis, King Edwin of Beringar, are summoned to the City of Exile on Feylara to end the war between their two kingdoms forever. In an unprecedented act of goodwill, Mhairi is prepared to give up possession of the Anchorstone.

But the Berings have no such harmonious motives in mind. Their wish is to kill the queen by summoning a demonic force so evil that it could disrupt the legacy of the Anchorstone. Meanwhile her husband Fannon, with his companions of old, has journeyed to a distant island. Here he will find an unsuspected secret that might save or ruin the queen, but to gain it he must face dangers greater than any he has encountered before.

As all sides come together in the City of Exile, the mysterious secrets of the Feyan are revealed and Mhairi learns that more is at stake than her own kingdom. The entire world is under threat from a menace almost beyond imagining.



The Mages of Garillon

Burning Stone cover

Tor Books, 1987

Book one in the Mages of Garillon series

CARADOC has been expelled from the Order of Mage-Hospitallers despite his astonishing talent because he cannot control his violent nature. Although he has failed to discipline himself as a mage must, he still has his mage-stone in his possession. BORTHEN, the arch criminal and renegade sorcerer, has uses for Caradoc and his stone. He draws him into a plot that involves kidnapping Evelake, the heir to the throne, and threatens the whole of Garillon.

GWYNMIRA, Evelake's stepmother, wishes to see her own son GYTHE on the throne, and she does not care who she has to destroy to achieve her end. MARGOTH, Caradoc's sister, and SERDOR, Caradoc's minstrel friend, must find him before he is drawn too deep into Borthen's evil to be saved.

As Caradoc wrestles with his conscience, he must defeat Borthen's corrupt power to save himself, Evelake, and perhaps even the Order itself.


Gauntlet of Malice

Tor Books 1988

Book two in the Mages of Garillon series

Not only is Caradoc a failed mage, now he is also a fugitive, accused of murder. Delsidor, the ruler of Garillon, has been fatally stabbed in Ambrothen Cathedral, and all signs point to Caradoc and a malevolent misuse of magepower.

Evelake, the son and heir of the murdered man, is in Caradoc's care. Evelake's mind has been removed and replaced by the renegade sorcerer Borthen in a first move to take control of Garillon.

Caradoc, hunted and bereft of the mage-stone which is the source of his power, must travel paths where danger lurks on every side. With only his native talent and courage to keep him alive, Caradoc must bring young Evelake to sanity and safety.

Only then can he tackle the infinitely worse confrontation with the corrupting evil of Borthen.


Spiral of Fire cover

Tor Books, 1989

The final part of the Mages of Garillon series

Caradoc, the once-failed mage, has discovered within himself a fresh source of healing power. In his long battle with the evil Borthen, master destroyer, he has lost much, but has gained in strength and maturity. He has risked his own life often, seen his friends face horrifying dangers, and now he knows the power of the Magia is in danger of being destroyed forever.

Borthen has unleashed a scourge upon the land that even he cannot control - a golden, fiery boy invested with the feral insatiability of a netherworld creature who calls himself simply the Devourer.

As war and terror spread across Garillon, both Caradoc and Borthen face choices that will put all they desire at risk. They must travel into fearful regions of existence from which there may be no return. But that is the price that must be paid if anything at all is to survive.




Novels with Katherine Kurtz

The Adept Series

The Adept cover

Ace Books, 1991



Lodge of the Lynx cover

Ace Books, 1992

The Templar Treasure cover

Ace Books, 1993

Dagger Magic cover

Ace Books, 1995

Death of an Adept cover

Ace Books, 1996


Short fiction with Robert J. Harris

'Mystical Takes of the Knights Templar', edited by Katherine Kurtz
Warner Books, 2002


'Legends: Tales from the Eternal Archives', edited by Margaret Weis
Daw Books, 1999



'On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar', edited by Katherine Kurtz
Warner Books, 1998



'Tales of the Knights Templar', edited by Katherine Kurtz
Warner Books, 1995