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The Knox Factor - BBC Radio Scotland's Saint Andrews Day Comedy Special

The Knox Factor was  first broadcast by BBC Radio Scotland on Friday November 30th (St Andrews Day) 2007. It has been repeated on a number of occasions, most recently May 16th 2008.

The long-awaited sequel to 2005's 'The Queen's Heid', THE KNOX FACTOR is a Reformation comedy telling the story of John Knox's efforts to prevent his wife Madge and Mary Queen of Scots giving the people of Scotland a holiday!

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  • Will Knox realise he's playing into the hands of Queen Mary's wicked half-brother Lord Jimmy?
  • Will he survive being shot out of Mons Meg?
  • Will he triumph in his climactic rap battle with Tommy the Ferryman, leader of the Stocious Workers Party?

The answers only can be found in THE KNOX FACTOR.

The Knox Factor is produced and directed by Margaret Ann Docherty. It stars Sean Scanlan (John Knox), Shonagh Price (Mary, Queen of Scots), Richard Conlon (Lord James Stewart ('Jimmy')), Tom Freeman (Leach/Tommy the Ferryman) Elaine MacKenzie Ellis (Madge Knox).


Cast recording, Showing Left to Right: Richard Conlon, Tom Freeman, Shonagh Price, Sean Scanlan

(L to R) Richard Conlon, Tom Freeman, Shonagh Price, Sean Scanlan

(From: an article by Jeff Zycinski (Head of Radio at BBC Scotland)about the making of the show)