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Sherlock Holmes 1942


A Study in Crimson
Birlinn/Polygon Books, Oct 2020

A killer going by the name of 'Crimson Jack' is stalking the wartime streets of London, murdering women on the exact dates of the infamous Jack the Ripper killings of 1888. Has the Ripper somehow returned from the grave? Is the self-styled Crimson Jack a descendant of the original Jack or merely a madman obsessed with those notorious killings?

In desperation Scotland Yard turn to Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective - the one man who can sift fact from legend and track down Crimson Jack before he completes his tally of death.

Artie Conan Doyle Mysteries


The Scarlet Phantom
Kelpies (Floris Books), October 2019

Artie and his best friend Ham are investigating the strange case of the Scarlet Phantom, an invisible jewel thief who seems to walk through walls and disappear at will. But there's a rival detective on the case, a paranormal investigator who claims that only he can capture this 'ghost'.

With the help of their new friend, girl scientist Peril Abernethy, Artie and Ham follow a trail of baffling clues and impossible dangers, but can they catch the Phantom before the invisible fiend pulls off the greatest robbery in history?


The Vanishing Dragon
Kelpies (Floris Books), Mar 2018

This adventure takes Artie and Ham into the world of stage magic and illusion as they are hired by Professor John Henry Anderson, the Great Wizard of the North, to investigate several acts of sabotage aimed at destroying his career.


The Gravediggers' Club
Kelpies (Floris Books), Feb 2017

One day Arthur Conan Doyle will create Sherlock Holmes, but right now Artie is a twelve-year-old with a mystery to solve. Exploring Greyfriars Kirkyard, Artie and his friend Ham spot a ghostly lady and the footprints of a gigantic hound. Strange clues lead them to robberies by the sinister Gravediggers' Club and the villainous Colonel Braxton Dash. Will Artie survive graveyards and ghosts in the streets of Edinburgh - or will his first case be his last?

Scottish Quartet

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Cranachan Books, 2019

Marjorie, daughter of the Scottish hero Robert Bruce, is captured by her father's deadliest foe, King Edward I of England. When the wicked king locks her in a cage and puts her on display, Marjorie must find the courage of a true princess if she and her country are to survive.

Philomel Books, 2007

Driven from his home by the wicked laird, Roddy Macallan discovers a lost reassure that could save his family from a lifetime of misery. When the laird takes even this from him, Roddy must join forces with Alan Dunbar, a notorious rogue, to steal back his property. But is the rogue an ally or merely a cunning enemy? .

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Philomel Books, 2004

With the arrival of Bonnie Prince Charlie, all of Scotland is caught up in a fervour of rebellion. But when young Duncan marches off to join the Prince's army, he learns that war carries a terrible cost and even peace has its price.

Philomel Books, 2002

Marjorie, daughter of the Scottish hero Robert Bruce, is captured by her father's deadliest foe, King Edward I of England. When the wicked king locks her in a cage and puts her on display, Marjorie must find the courage of a true princess if she and her country are to survive.

Philomel Books, 2000

Orphaned entertainer Nicola is taken on as a jester by the beautiful Mary Queen of Scots. Following her mistress from France to Scotland, Nicola becomes caught up in the deadly intrigues of the Scottish court and needs all her wits to keep herself and the queen alive.

Richard Hannay Returns


Castle McNab
Birlinn/Polygon Books, Nov 2018

At the end of John Buchan's classic adventure John Macnab, three friends in search of excitement have just completed an epic feat of poaching. Now their celebrations are unexpectedly interrupted by the appearance of their old comrade Richard Hannay. His arrival marks the beginning of a new and even more hazardous challenge. A foreign dignitary has been abducted while on a secret visit to Scotland and his life hangs in the balance. It is up to Hannay and the Macnabs to rescue him before Europe in plunged into a new and ruinous war. For the man they must rescue was once their greatest foe 'the Kaiser'.

This time the stakes are higher, the risks are greater, and the fate of a nation will be decided.



The Thirty-One Kings
Birlinn/Polygon Books, Oct 2017

As German troops pour across France, the veteran soldier and adventurer Richard Hannay is called back into service. An individual code-named 'Roland' has disappeared and is assumed to be in the hands of Nazi agents. Only he knows the secret of the Thirty-One Kings, upon which the future of Europe depends. Hannay is dispatched to Paris to find Roland before the Germans overrun the city. On a hazardous journey across France Hannay confronts a ruthless foe who will stop at nothing to destroy him.


The World Goes Loki Series


Odin Blew Up My TV!
Floris Books, April 2016

A strange haar blows into St Andrews' harbour one morning, freezing its inhabitants in a magical mist. A Viking longship docks, and out leaps Loki, the Norse god of mischief. Much to brothers Lewis and Greg's dismay, wise-cracking, havoc-wreaking Loki is back, but this time he's been followed ...

Thor Is Locked In My Garage
Floris Books, September 2014

This sequel to 'The Day The World Went Loki' is another hilarious adventure featuring Greg and Lewis and introduces their friend the fabulous Susie Spinetti, Thor and Hollywood superstar Garth Makepeace.

The Day the World Went Loki
Kelpies, August 2013

Lewis and Greg have accidentally turned their mum into a troll, and the town of St Andrews into a fantasy world. Can they change it back before Loki, Norse god of mischief, takes over forever?

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Young Legends

Will Shakespeare and the Pirate's Fire
Harper Collins, July 2006

Young Will Shakespeare is forced to flee his home town of Stratford with a company of travelling players. When they arrive at the house of the mysterious Dr. Dee, he becomes embroiled in an adventure involving spies, pirates and a dreadful secret that could bring his country to its knees.

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Leonardo and the Death Machine
Harper Collins, May 2005

Young Leonardo da Vinci will become the world's greatest inventor, if his curiosity doesn't kill him first. When he stumbles upon the plans for a mysterious and deadly machine, Leonardo finds himself framed for murder. Soon he is running for his life with the fugitive slave girl Fresina, pursued by a ruthless assassin.

Young Heroes

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Harper Collins, 2003

Young Jason and a band of other would-be heroes are sent on a mission to recover the deadly Gorgon's Blood, which has been stolen by evil centaurs. However, one of his companions, Prince Acastus, learns that Jason is the true heir to his own throne and vows that only one of them will return from the adventure alive.

Harper Collins, 2003

Raised in the wild, fleet-footed Atalanta has become a mighty huntress, but when she sets out to kill the monstrous Arcadian Beast, she learns that the hunter can all too easily become the hunted.

Harper Collins, 2001

Hippolyta, princess of the Amazons , must flee her homeland with her infant brother to keep him from being sacrificed. In doing so, however, she brings down a curse on her people which can only be lifted by finding the lost city of Arimaspa, where she will discover the secret origin of the Amazon race.

Harper Collins, 2000

Everyone says the age of heroes is over, but Odysseus disagrees. With his friend Mentor, he embarks on an adventure involving pirates, sirens , and the monster that lurks in the Serpent Maze, and learns that sometimes it takes more than just courage to be a hero.

Qdysseus (British Edition)



Other Works

'Ribbiting Tales', edited by Nancy Springer
Philomel Books, 2000


'Sherwood', edited by Jane Yolen
Philomel Books, 1999

'Bruce Coville's Book of Spine Tinglers II',
edited by Bruce Coville
Scholastic, 1997


'Asimov's Science Fiction', May 2000


'The Crow: Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams',
edited by J. O'Barr and Ed Kramer
Del Ray, 1998

'In The Shadow of the Gargoyle',
edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and Thomas S. Roche
Ace Books, 1998

'Mystical Tales of the Knights Templar',
edited by Katherine Kurtz
Warner Books, 2002


'Legends: Tales from the Eternal Archives',
edited by Margaret Weis
Daw Books, 1999



'On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar',
edited by Katherine Kurtz
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'Tales of the Knights Templar',
edited by Katherine Kurtz
Warner Books, 1995