by Jane Yolen and Robert J Harris

Philomel Books 2007

ISBN-10: 0399238980
ISBN-13: 978-0399238987


Our new novel 'The Rogues' is the fourth book of our Scottish quartet, concluding our epic tale of the Stewarts in Scotland. In our previous novel, 'Prince Across The Water,' our hero Duncan was given a precious jewelled brooch by Bonnie Prince Charlie. In this book that treasure lies at the heart of the story as a symbol of hope for an oppressed people and our young hero Roddy Macallan must win it back from the evil laird who has stolen it. Swords are drawn for battle and the hills echo to the crack of muskets as Roddy and the daring rogue Alan Dunbar risk all in pursuit of justice.

Living outside a system of law which only serves the rich, Dunbar becomes Roddy's ally in his quest to recover his lost treasure from the laird, and in doing so strike a blow for true justice. Their alliance is an uneasy one, for their characters and motivations are different. But as they flee through the mountains, pursued by redcoats, they will come to depend upon each other for their very lives.

The Rogues has received a starred review in Booklist:

“... In this fourth Scottish-tale collaboration by Yolen and Harris... the suspense mounts and the plot races along flawlessly in this excellent historical adventure.”

and Kirkus says:

“The authors weave strong feelings and a clear sense of setting into a story that gains momentum as it progresses and also ends happily. A good finish to the quartet, with echoes of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped to savour.”


The Scottish Quartet by Jane Yolen and Robert J Harris:

  • Girl in a Cage
  • Queen’s Own Fool
  • Prince Across the Water
  • The Rogues