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Robert was engaging, approachable and inspiring; pupils thoroughly enjoyed this interactive session. – Teacher’s comment, Madras College

Robert J Harris is a successful author of both children's and adults' books as well as a best-selling games designer. His novels include the Artie Conan Doyle Mysteries, The World Goes Loki series and the John Buchan sequel The Thirty-One Kings.

Bob brings a wide range of abilities and experience to talks and visits. Having worked as an actor, he is a great communicator whose enthusiasm is both entertaining and inspiring. He can talk about his own writing, from the beginning of an idea to the final published product, and perform lively readings from his many novels and short stories. He also uses a range of interactive exercises that allow his audience to explore their own creativity and have a lot of fun in the process.

"A wonderful experience! Bob’s talk with pupils motivated them to write. The children were enthusiastic and keen to write as a consequence." – Teacher’s comment, Inzievar Primary School

Bob’s novel 'Leonardo And The Death Machine' has been translated into many different languages and published as far afield as Korea and Brazil. The Times said of his novel 'Will Shakespeare And The Pirate's Fire':

Packed with spies, sword-fights, daring escapes and traitorous villains, this is just the kind of swashbuckling adventure to engage bored schoolchildren in Shakespeare.

Junior Education magazine said:

savour this imaginative, well researched and well written novel.

His own novels and those he has co-written with fellow-author Jane Yolen cover everything from Greek mythology to Scottish history, from magical fantasy to science fiction. His short fiction includes the hilarious froggy folk tale 'Old Jim Croaker Jumps Over The Moon', a brand new adventure of Robin Hood, and the scary and suspenseful 'The Ragmore Beast.'

He got the audience to interact with his stories and he used our imagination to build up different stories. He was very enthusiastic and very, very imaginative. – Pupil comment, St Andrews High School, Kirkcaldy.

His classic fantasy board game 'Talisman' has been a best seller for over twenty years. It has recently been republished in a lavish new edition and adapted into an exciting computer games.

For those with an interest in games, he provides an amusing account of how his classic game Talisman went from being a pencil-drawn sheet of paper and some pieces of cardboard, to a global phenomenon that has generated a range expansions, metal figurines, computer games and a network of dedicated fan websites. He enjoys working with an audience on their own gaming ideas, leading group activities and discussions.

For those interested in script writing and comedy, he has much to offer from his experience in producing 'The Queen' Heid,' a historical comedy broadcast by BBC Radio Scotland. This includes readings from the show and a description of the whole process of writing, casting, rehearsing, performing, editing and broadcasting.

It was jumping with excitement. – Pupil comment, St Andrews High School, Kirkcaldy.

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